Our mission

Our list of campaign related clientele includes:

  1. US Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
  2. Miami Dade County Commissioners Rebeca Sosa and Carlos Gimenez
  3. Miami Dade County Schoolboard Members Agustin Barrera and Martha Perez
  4. City of Miami Mayor Manuel A. Diaz, who is also the current President of the US Conference of Mayors.
  5. City of Miami Commissioners Michelle Spence-Jones and Angel Gonzalez
  6. State Senator Rudy Garcia
  7. Former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives Marco Rubio
  8. State Representatives Juan Carlos Zapata, David Rivera, Jolly Roberson, Juan Carlos Planas and Julio Robaina.
  9. City of Coral Gables Mayor Don Slesnick
  10. City of Coral Gables Commissioners William Kerdyk, Ralph Cabrera and Chip Withers
  11. City of Doral Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez
  12. City of Doral Council Members Sandra Ruiz, Pete Cabrera and Mike DiPietro
  13. City of North Miami Beach Councilman Myron Rosner

Aside from these direct political client relations, we maintain working relationships with:

  • US Senator Bill Nelson (FL)
  • US Congressman Solomon Ortiz (TX, D-27)
  • Governor Martin O’Malley (MD)
  • Florida State Senator Alex Diaz de la Portilla (R-36)
  • Dave Aronberg (D-27)
  • Dan Gelber (D-35)
  • Charles S. Dean, Sr. (R-3)
  • Durell Peaden, Jr. (R-2)
  • Senate President Jeff Atwater (R-25)
  • Florida State Representatives Eduardo Gonzalez (R-102)
  • Adam Hasner (R-87)
  • Esteban Bovo (R-110)
  • Anitere Flores (R-114)
  • Ron Reagan (R-67)
  • Ron Saunders (D-120)
  • State Representative Ray Sansom (R-4)
  • Dave Murzin (R-2), Luis Garcia (D-107)
  • Mayors Michael Bloomberg (New York, NY)
  • Richard Daley (Chicago, IL)
  • Antonio Villaraigosa (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Douglas Palmer (Trenton, NJ)
  • Martin Chavez (Alburquerque, NM)
  • Patrick McCrory (Charlottee, NC)
  • John Hickenlopper (Denver, CO)
  • R.T. Rybak (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Kevin Burns (North Miami, FL)
  • Joy Cooper (Hallandale Beach, FL)
  • Frank Ortis (Pembrooke Pines, FL)

Our relationship and professional work for many of these individuals positions our firm at the cross roads of local, state and national politics as it directly relates to Florida.

In addition to these individuals we have worked closely with such organizations as:

  • US Conference of Mayors
  • Alliance for Digital Equality
  • Mayors Hemispheric Forum
  • Host Committees for the 76th Annual US Conference of Mayors meeting in Miami
  • Latin Grammy Music Awards
  • MTV Music Awards in Miami


At the local level we work our clients projects not only throughout Miami-Dade County and its numerous municipal governments, but also as it relates to the many independent agencies that govern many aspects of daily life in Miami-Dade.

These include:

  • Miami Dade County Public Schools
  • South Florida Water Management
  • Miami Dade Expressway Authority
  • Jackson Public Health Trust

Quantum Results, Inc. prides itself in the handling of information and the understanding of the political landscape in ways that can best be applied to advance the interest of our clients. We recognize that Information is the staple to good decision making when it comes to a company or an entity’s activities. Quantum’s great appreciation for government assures that our clients will not only get latest information, but also the most reliable information so that you can make the necessary decisions and adjustment in your operational and business plans as it relates to any project or appropriation.

It is our belief that because of our political consulting activities, we also bring forth a clear demographic and statistical understanding of numerous communities, interest groups and on specific issue that dominate media and public opinion, which better positions our clients to roll out plans that are more in line with the public’s need or expectation. We aspire to make the decision making process less cumbersome for the client, which also ultimately results in a smother process for the elected officials and government as a whole.

Political Experience:

  • Campaign to Elect Willy Gort Commissioner of the City of Miami (1995) Campaign Consultant
  • Campaign to Elect Alex Penelas Mayor of Dade County (1996) Grassroots Coordinator West Dade
  • Campaign to Elect Martha Perez for Community Council 10 (1996) Campaign Manager
  • Campaign to Elect Joe Carollo Mayor of the City of Miami (1997) Campaign Coordinator
  • Campaign to elect Neisan Kasdin Mayor of the City of Miami Beach (Run-off, 1997) Consultant/Grassroots
  • Campaign to Elect Martha Perez to the Miami-Dade School Board (1998) Campaign Manager
  • Campaign to Elect Bruno Barreiro County Commissioner (1998) Co-Campaign Manager
  • Campaigns to Elect and Re-elect Johnny Winton Commissioner City of Miami (1999 & 2003) Campaign Manager
  • Campaign to Re-elect William Kerdyk Commissioner of the City of Coral Gables (1999 & 2003) Campaign Manager
  • Campaign to Re-elect Steve Shiver Mayor of Homestead (1999) Consultant
  • Campaign to Elect Barbara Herrera Hill Weston City Commission (1999) Campaign Manager
  • Campaign to Re-elect Congressman Salomon Ortiz of Texas (2000 & 2002) Consultant
  • The Re-election Campaign for Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, State Attorney for the 11th Circuit (2000 & 2004) Co-Campaign Manager
  • Campaign to Elect Julio Robaina Mayor of South Miami (2000) Campaign Manager
  • Campaign to Elect Marco Rubio State House of Representative (2000) Campaign Manager
  • The Campaigns to Elect Gustavo Barreiro, Julio Robaina, David Rivera, Juan Carlos Planas, Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall, Yoly Roberson, Juan Carlos Zapata and Ken Sorenson State Representatives (2000, 2002 & 2004) Campaign Manager
  • Campaign to Elect Rudy Garcia State Senator (2000) Campaign Manager
  • Campaign to Elect Sara I. Zabel, Maria Espinosa Dennis and Judy Rubenstein Judge of the Miami Dade County Court (2000) Campaign Manager
  • Campaign to Elect Myron Rosner, Commissioner City of North Miami Beach (2001) Campaign Manager
  • Campaign to Elect & Re-elect Rebecca Sosa Miami Dade County Commission (2001, 2002 & 2006) Campaign Manager
  • Campaign to Elect and Re-elect Manuel A. Diaz Mayor of the City of Miami (2001 & 2005) Co-Campaign Manager
  • Campaign to Elect & Re-elect Agustin Barrera Miami Dade County School Board (2002 & 2006) C0-Campaign Manager
  • City of Miami Referendums for the Maintenance of the Parking Surcharge and Establishment of Commission Salaries (2003) Campaign Manager
  • Campaign to Elect Carlos Gimenez to the Miami-Dade County Commission (2004) Campaign Manager
  • Referendum on the $2.9 billion Miami Dade General Obligation Bond Campaign (2004) Co-Campaign Manager
  • The Re-election Campaign for Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (2004) Consultant
  • The Re-election Campaign of Bennett Brummer, Public Defender for the 11th Circuit (2004) Co-Campaign Manager
  • Campaign to Elect Mel Martinez to the US Senate (2004) Miami Dade Grassroots Coordinator
  • Campaign to Elect Barbara Areces Judge of the Miami Dade County Circuit Court (2004) Media Consultant
  • Campaign to Elect Ada Pozo Revilla Judge of the Miami Dade County Circuit Court (2004) Campaign Manager
  • Campaign to Re-elect Sandra Ruiz to the City of Doral Council (2006) Consultant
  • Campaigns to Re-elect Larry Schwartz and Steve Leifman Miami Dade County Courts (2006) Co-Manager
  • Campaign to Retain Bronwyn Miller Miami Dade Courts (2006) Consultant
  • Campaign to Elect Antonio “Tony” Marin, Gloria Gonzalez Meyer, Joe Fernandez, Marisa Tinkler Mendez, Robin Faber, Valerie Manno Schurr, Vicky Del Pino to the Miami Dade County Courts (2006) Co-Campaign Manager
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